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The inspection by the NVWA, Europol (and everything that came with it) of Terraia and Exoknaag from September 2023 is linked back to the organization as follows.

On Sunday, September 24, 2023, we, NVWA Inspectors, Nature Team, conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Terraria and Exoknaag Houten. This check has been announced to you in advance as part of enforcement communication. It was indicated that a Europol delegation would be present. You then published this on your website, which made it known to every exhibitor or visitor that the NVWA would be present with more people than usual.

In fact, we from the NVWA are always present at this fair. Inspections in recent years have not revealed any abuses during the fair itself; excluding a single violation by a foreign trader or the lack of a UBN number or professional diploma.

From the international aspect, this fair is viewed with suspicion by enforcement organizations within the EU.

That was also one of the reasons to provide an international perspective. How is this fair organised, what are the rules for the exhibitors, what are the rules that the organization has imposed on itself and what is the way in which the NVWA monitors this fair? In short, to provide a complete picture of the 'Houten reptile fair'.

The international delegation received a good and positive answer to the above questions. 'Impressive, well organised, a large and diverse range of animals and a good atmosphere' were the most frequently made comments. The way in which the NVWA inspectors carried out specific checks and the cooperation provided by traders and exhibitors stood out and was appreciated.

No violations under the Nature Conservation Act were observed during this fair. Here and there no transfer declaration had been issued due to 'the heat of the moment', but that was immediately corrected. No violations were found in terms of animal welfare.

With this email I would like to thank you for your cooperation; The stock exchange is under an (international) magnifying glass at such a time and that creates extra pressure that the organization has to 'deal with'.

As far as we're concerned, that worked out great!

If everything is positive, we think it should be communicated. Thanks to all exhibitors and visitors.