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Conditions for exemption from an exhibition ban

From various associations we once again received the question of what conditions an exhibition must meet in order to obtain an exemption from the exhibition ban. The exemption must be requested from the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA). (does the organization) The conditions can be changed at any time, but at the moment the following conditions are used for the risk assessment:

Only gallinaceous birds, ratites or carrier pigeons are admitted to the exhibition, accompanied by a fully completed and signed declaration of vaccination against pseudo-bird flu (NCD) relating to these animals, as referred to in Article 45, paragraph 2, of the Prevention Regulations. , control and monitoring of infectious animal diseases and zoonoses and TSEs. This statement must show that gallinaceous birds and ratites of the keeper in question, insofar as the animals are older than 30 days, have been vaccinated against pseudonyms at least 2 weeks and at most 5 months before the start of the exhibition or the inspection. bird flu.

Pursuant to Article 46, paragraph 2, part b of the aforementioned Regulation on the prevention, control and monitoring of infectious animal diseases and zoonoses and TSEs and pursuant to Article 4b, paragraph 4, part a of the Temporary Regulation to ward off Avian Influenza II, the person who intends to carry out an inspection or To hold an exhibition with poultry, ratites or racing pigeons, before admitting them, the animals must be examined at their own expense by one or more veterinarians, whom they choose with the approval of the VWA Regional Director. Birds are only admitted to the event if they come from the Netherlands.

Birds are only admitted to the exhibition if the owner of the animals provides a statement stating that the birds in question have not had contact with wild birds or their faeces in the last 30 days. The veterinarian(s) present at the event reports(s) by means of a report form provided for this purpose to the VWA Regional Director whether work has been carried out in accordance with the above. The exemption can be withdrawn if the conditions and regulations are not met or for veterinary reasons.