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Why ticket service

VHM-Events is going to work with Ticketmaster to reduce the long queues at the fairs and events. When you buy a ticket at the website, see: Ticketmaster, it is not necessary to stand in line for a long time, to buy a ticket, anymore. When you have a ticket you can go to the exhibition faster, there will be less annoyances at the cash desk.

We have a cooperation with Ticketmaster NL en Ticketmaster BE for the purchase and distribution of e-tickets. On this momet you can your e-tickets for the events. When you have questions, comments or complaints you can also ask at Ticketmaster NL en Ticketmaster BE . Also the conditions of Ticketmaster NL en Ticketmaster BE will apply. The costs for e-mail tickets are included in the price of the ticket. 

Click here for the tickets of Terraria and Exoknaag

Click here for the tickets of  Naturaria fair (Terraria and Exoknaag)


A faster flow of visitors at fairs and events by means of a presale of e-tickets. That means long waiting lines anymore!